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Welcome to the new series! This is the introduction to a 9 part series about Capitalism. Don't get too hung up on the title, it is to be taken as a rhetorical title. The arguments and ideas are in the content, not the title. https://www.affirmation-zero.net/nine-part-series-capitalism/ Visit our forum: https://ontic-philosophy.com/index.php In this introduction, we will try and find a single definition of what it is, some classical and modern definitions and how thinking of it in a plural sense is more practical. We will then look at it in economic and cultural terms, how we are taught basic ideas and values from a early age that allow capitalism to function and how capitalism can be seen as a form of life. In the next episode, we will expand on Capitalism and economic systems, how it is taught as though it is natural and the only system that is possible.


My name is Nemus Amaranthi, I study philosophy (not academically, just as a hobby of sorts) and I share my work via my YouTube channel and via this website.


I identify myself as “Disjunctive”. I am often “at odds” or I am “inconsistent” with certain narratives and ideals that others will subscribe to without question. Question everything.

Empathetic approach

To understand social awareness issues empathy is imperative! Many awareness movements run into trouble when seeing the world from someone elses point of view is disregarded. See the video and blog about Black Pigeon Speaks for an example of this form of ignorance.

Coming to terms

Language is very important. We can learn a lot about human expression through the use of language. Looking at forms of life as they are now and historically, can lead to transformation of these forms. This is the project of Disjunctive Media.

No sycophants or ‘sealions’ thank you very much!

Being Disjunctive is to be an individual. I don’t intend to create a community of sycophantic followers. Annoying ‘sea lions’ either. Who come across as sincere, but who want nothing more than to waste someones’ time and energy. Sealions must, under any circumstances be ‘convinced’ by you about what you say. Please don’t do this. It is very annoying.

Donations and Patreon – anti-clientelism

I want those who follow unto themselves to follow me. I previously rejected the idea of Patreon,  if you want to support me and my work, you can help by sharing my work. Patreon has in my opinion, manifested a form of clientelism on YouTube. Patrons pay thier clients cash to create an asymmetrical relationship. This allows political views of the patrons to be expressed via the client. It can lead to blatant propaganda and political leverage for disnformation. All due to the fact that someone paid the right person. While I do have a Patreon page, I want to make it clear that you will not be paying for a clientele relationship.

Sharing is caring!

There are many other ways you can show your support. Please feel free to contact me via the “CONTACT” link above in the menu. The best way to help is to share my videos and blogs.

Copyright free content

You may share these videos and any content on this site without permission or accreditation.

What is capitalism and how can we destroy it?

I have started a nine- part series about capitalism, don’t let the title put you off. It’s a kind of reference video series, to be taken as a textbook in video format. You can find this series on the Disjunctive Media ANNEX YouTube channel. Like all content on my channel and blogs, the series aims to raise social awareness.

Nietzsche and social change

The Nietzsche and social change series has been taken down from my YouTube channel. This is because I have a way better script that will replace the series. The new series will be about Nietzsche and Anarchism. I will hopefully begin this series early 2017.

Recent inactivity

Since making the capitalism series, I have been inactive online. I have been reading alot and writing alot too. As much as I want to spread my content and ideas, I also need to spend more time researching new stuff too and this of course affects the amount of time I can spend online.



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