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Black Pigeon Speaks | Transgenders are NOT Mentally Ill Video

Black Pigeon Speaks


The difference we observed between the 1989 to 2003 cohort and the control group is that the trans cohort group accessed more mental health care, which is appropriate given the level of ongoing discrimination the group faces. What the data tells us is that things are getting measurably better and the issues we found affecting the 1973 to 1988 cohort group likely reflects a time when trans health and psychological care was less effective and social stigma was far worse.

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Are Transgender people ill? | Abjection and Ambiguity

Are Transgender People Ill? |Ambiguity and Abjection

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I am ambiguous and disjunctive, I wear clothes of what society views as being for the opposite sex and yet I identify myself as male gender, heterosexual and yet I cross dress. If this has you confused, I suggest you forget about it, there is nothing to say really, you have to take me as I come, I am what I am, and things are how they are. If I have to give a reason as to ‘why’; I would object to the inquiry of ‘why’ as it implies a purpose, the truth is I don’t know with certainty and it doesn’t matter ultimately, if anything I have lots of fun and life is interesting for me, which may cover the ‘why question’, I really don’t know. For some people however, apathy just isn’t enough, they have to tell me and others like me how wrong I am, how I ought not, should not be doing what I am doing. This is what this essay is all about.

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