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Sargon of Akkad | Empathy, Norms and Customs

Empathy is one way for Carl

As Go Fem Yourself puts it very well in the comments for this video:


Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad) has been acting rather odiously, to use Philip Moriartys’ term, for a few months now.

The video in question was from late 2015. It is an interview with Kate Brooks. Kate was subjected to an onslaught of hate mail, death threats and rape threats simply for having an opinon in a debate club at her university. Debate clubs usually operate as an exercise for convincing others of an argument, not usually chosen by the one making the argument. This means that it’s in no way political, or to be taken seriously in anyway. It’s purely a bit of sword sharpening.

Carl invited Kate on his show, so that she could explain this was the case. To his credit, he did accept this was the case.

Gendered reactions

Carl would not accept the case however, that internet discourse is very gendered. That norms and customs often silence women (not laws, norms and customs) through Carls’ favorite tactic of dogpiling, search ‘Jess Philips Sargon of Akkad’ for more details. Basically women have possibly 100’s of comments all in the theme of ‘you bitch’, ‘I am going to kill you and then rape you’ and other colourful expressions of very small penises.

How empathy works

Empathy is a two way street, it’s another way of saying ‘look at the world in my shoes’. All the other person has to do, is make an imaginary leap into the other person. This doesn’t mean that the other person has to be the same as you, true empathy respects differences.

An example would be if a friend did not invite you to a party, instead of saying ‘I woudn’t not invite me as I am righteous’. an empathetic response might go something like : ‘My friend is going through some complicated stuff, they probably need some space, I can understand that.’

This is basic stuff. It doesn’t require much thought. It just requires a respect of the other and their boundaries.

Rape threats are the same as challenging manhood

The punchline of the video is when Sargon demands empathy toward his direction and refusing to give any in return.

He says and I will quote:

Sargon: There are some things that you might say to a woman that if you say them to a man, it wouldn’t have the same effect.

Kate: Such as?

Sargon: Uuuummmm, errrhhhh, well you might challenge my manhood and say I can’t get a girlfriend.

Yes, he just said that.

Threatening a woman with rape is like telling a man he can’t get a girlfriend.

Actually, when Kate points out that this may not quite be the same, he adds:

I know with a beard like this it would not be a viable insult, but yeah, IT’S EXACTLY the same.

Threatening a woman with rape and death threats is EXACTLY the same as telling a man he can’t get a girlfriend.

The fact that this interview took place BEFORE, a long time before, the Jess Philips tweet ‘I wouldn’t EVEN rape you’ makes this statement incredibly troubling.


He then goes off about how if you pick on a man, this can cripple him socially. This is true for both men and women, but Carl misses the point by ignoring what Kate actually said.

Sargon has proven himself to be over his head when it comes to feminism. How anyone can take him seriously after two outrageous comments like this, can only boil down to willful ignorance.

I don’t care

To further elaborate, Sargon mansplains:

Yeah, so you got all those rape threats and stuff, but that doesn’t mean anything to me as a man, I don’t care about that.

Yeah…sounds like the part of the debate with Kristi Winters when Sargon was asked what framework should be used when studying statistics instead of feminism he said :

I don’t know! I don’t care!

Just stop it! Please stop feminising!

Sargon is convinced that an ideology is all that is at work, that there is some wing-nut style agenda to infringe his freedom of speech. Which when you look at it, is more of a freedom of filth and another example of his one way street empathy.

Sargon was absolutely destroyed in the debate with Kristi. He admits that he hasn’t been in a social sciences class and still tries to hold onto the 1 in 5 rape myth rhetoric. HBomberguy and Garrett showed just how little Sargon actually reads these studies and how little he understands them. He now spends his time showing people who he ‘just missed’ the invite to a debate, or that the video debunking his bollocks is ‘too long’ or that the ‘first ten minutes refuted your argument against me’.

If your ego is that fragile, Sargon, then it’s no surpise that you think rape threats are no big deal and that your manhood is more important. Please spend some time alone, pick up some books and then come back to you. You look utterly pathetic.

What is more in the ball park?

The threat of castration while sleeping, is more in the ‘ball park’ of a rape threat at least, while insults regarding looks and ability to woo are both ways for women and men.
Sargon confuses this by saying rape threat to women = insult to manhood and that rape threat to man = no problem, can’t possibly grasp how that is a concern to women at all.
Rape threat to woman is equal to castration for men while sleeping and insults are equal to insults for both men and women.
Rape threats from women to men can also not be far off the mark, forced penetration for example, or rape by a male accomplice of a woman isn’t far off either. While he tries to place more value of differences between men and womens issues concerning gendered responses, he does it by ignoring phenomena within those issues altogether. Women can be stronger than men also, it’s all relative. The manosphere is filled with men who fear women.
Maybe the manhood insults hurt him in particular, which he takes to be universal, mainly due to the implication that if women can’t threaten him with violence or rape, it’s because he sees them as inferior to him.
This works both ways, Roosh V is the classic example, he calls out women for being in his opinion, ugly, but soon crumbles under the slightest criticism towards his looks, or character.

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