Thunderf00t vs “Bleeding Heart Liberals”

12 Angry Men is one of my favourite movies. It is a fantastic example of the good old days when people had critical faculties that we, in more modern times,  sadly lack when it comes to issues that require making fair, just decisions in society that apply to us all.

It’s when I see the rise of far right popularism today,  that I can’t help thinking and feeling that we as human beings are missing something, people are hysterical and want simple answers and solutions to the most complex problems.

The issues surrounding ISIS, especially since the Paris shootings, has bought about rigid, retarded, retrograde, wing-nut ideology,  that popularists like Donald Trump have pounced on to gather support. You would think that the secular YouTube community would have boosted the opposition to fascism without hesitation and would have made it out in a second to be what it is. You would think that people would be sick and tired of this eternal return of madness, that we would have learned from the past. Once a society begins to target a specific ethnic group, it opens the door for exploitation that knows no limit, even for the indigenous folk within the nationalist society.

Instead the people speak from sadness, they are invoking the Tyrant.

The right wing-nut we will examine today is secular hero, Thunderf00t. A man who, to give credit where it is due, battled well alongside Concordance against the discovery institute and Creatards, but sadly the glory ends there.

Shortly after the Paris attacks, he released this video that holds the claim that the free speech of the Muslim community in the UK, that believes  those who speak ill of their religion ought to be prosecuted, or worse, are to be put under the spotlight as murderers or potential killers. Sure, there is a blurred continuum from the outside, but essentially what thunerf00t is saying here, is that every Muslim who says people ought to be condemned for speaking ill of their religion, are to be treated with suspicion.

 This is where 12 Angry Men can offer a valid counter argument, a movie made in the 50’s in America at the height of intolerance to blacks and Hispanic people in the USA.

“How many times have you said i’ll kill you?” “You don’t really mean that do you?”

This is a great example of how passively we can deal out significant threats, how rationality does not always equal the outcome in action. Saying we will kill someone, or that people ought to be condemned does not automatically translate into the action. If Thunderf00t is to challenge this counter argument by insisting that his flippant comment at the end of the video is not a popularist remark, aimed at his perceived threat to the established hierarchy he so passionately defends, while advocating a guilty until proven innocent stereotype that equates freedom of speech with murder, then I am confident he will say he didn’t actually mean it.

He also points out the number of UK Muslims who have gone to fight in Syria for their cause. Human beings often have relatives and if those relatives or friends are caught in conflicts, they will inevitably try to help. Thunderf00t is playing to the stereotypical bogeyman image of Muslims, essentially rendering everyone of them suspect from his diarrheal extrapolation, without taking into account the strong urge human beings have to save other human beings. THOMAS PALAIMA CLIP

Making such flippant remarks to a large audience of young impressionable men, who watch him week by week attack third wave feminists while not even once bringing up legitimate feminist literature in which to contrast the bullshit we see from the likes for Anita Sarkeesian, brings us to yet another stalling of his glory. Not only does Thunderf00t believe science holds the answer to everything that we should ignore the rest of the phenomenology that comes with the human experience, or to borrow the term from Heidegger, “Dasein”, but he also likes to show his gamer fan boys how wrong it is for a silly woman to speak out on Youtube about womens rights, while offering no alternative views.

What about the structuralists, the existentialists, the decosntructivists, or phenomenologists, the likes of Simone DeBeaviour, or the fantastic Kathleen Higgins to name two great role models and who have the best arguments that challenge metaphysical presuppositions of privilege, for women to aspire to in the academic world that is dominated by men and as it seems YouTube also, which has become one big boys club that women are reluctant to participate in without playing to their narcissism and auto-objectification? 

Instead we end up with a simpleton overview of the issues that matter once you challenge age old morality that only simpletons will gravitate towards, while keeping the consequences of that age old morality that keeps the academics male and the authorities and the women in the sidelines, hesitant, closed off and kept out of discussions in the boys club, in case the boys cry due to mommy issues when they are corrected on their bullshit?


This flippancy is what Tyrants like Trump want the masses to be like, impatient with difference.

Let’s not downplay the threat of ISIS however, but at the same time, let’s not down play the causes of ISIS either. The middle east has been a capitalist playground for many years and the Muslim people have had enough of being puppets, ISIS is a pan-Islamic cult that uses passages from the Quran to unite the tribe against the enemy.

Its no wonder that there are as Thunderf00t mentions, irreconcilable differences, but that is no excuse for making an analysis that extrapolates what people think and say as being equal to the acting upon what they think and say.

The simpletons that follow Trump, who think killing those associated with ISIS and their families, is going to solve anything, are severely deluded, I would expect a well educated man like Phil Mason to be aware of how this will not solve anything at all, it will only add to the paranoia, pan-Islamic monistic antagonism that will celebrate the destruction of the villanised other. We are in crazy times and we need more rational ways of thinking about the future, this flippancy will only fuel the problem.

No, instead, he pisses around, ridiculing third wave feminists like Anita Sarkeesian, feeding the far right usage of the term “cultural Marxism”, leading to the defensiveness and madness of Political Correctness, distracting the people from the real issues of how capitalism is the real culprit, how meritocracy is an epic fail and how laziness, fear and extrapolation designed to coax towards pathetic prescriptions like the ones Trump is advocating, are no more advanced than the driving force behind the Pan-Islamic spring we are dealing with today. The example Thunderf00t is setting is despicable and irresponsible.

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